Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zurker UK – An Online Democracy?

What makes Zurker stand above the rest?

There are many reasons that separate Zurker UK from other everyday social networking sites. The most pronounced principle that energizes Zurkers potential is the fact that this new website is going to be owned by its users. Yes, you read correctly – instead of being a privatized money making company, Zurker UK is currently giving new users the outstanding opportunity to own their a part of the company. It is in effect a social networking site that is going to be owned and run by its very own users, making Zurker UK a democracy. To inspire even more enthusiasm amongst Zurker UK’s users (or owners), they have made it very easy for those users to gain shares without even having to pay a penny.

What Are vShares?

Although vShares are currently not to be mistaken for real shares during the beta testing period, as soon as the full amount of 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated to its users, Zurker UK will become a public website and these vShares will be instantly converted into real shares. Users can accumulate vShares free of charge by simply referring the website to new members, with 2vShares per sign up within the first 24 hours and 1vShare thereon after. At the moment, an account with the website can only be gained through a referral from an existing user. Here is an invaluable link for a Zurker Invite.

How valuable are UK vShares?

One vshare can currently be purchased for only £1 and the value of each vShare is currently estimated to increase by ten times. Along with the websites new and exciting prospects, the value of one vShares is reasonably capable of exceeding this. The success of Zurker UK will be greatly dependant on a vast amount of owning members, and most (if not all) of them will be geared towards boosting Zurker UK’s web presence and democratically improving its services. If the site then becomes a success, similar to that of Bebo or Myspace (which sold for $800 million and $580 million respectively) each vShare will be valued between $580 and $800.

To phrase this idea from the perspective of Zurker UK’s operatives – “no elite engineering team can beat the innovative power of 500,000 passionate members who each have a stake in the success of the project as a whole. Recent history has taught us one thing - democracy always triumphs.”

In conclusion, the value of Zurker UK’s vShares will very likely be heightened with the incredible power of crowd-sourcing.

Is Zurker International?

Zurker UK is part of an international website that works similarly in other countries. Each country has one million vshares to be distributed. This makes perfect sense because it will prevent a vShare take-over from any of the participating countries and keep future revenue allocated specifically to the nationalities involved. Also – the ability to collect vShares by referring new users only applies when the referred user is from the same country as the person referring the site.

A Guide To Using Zurker UK

Zurk button

Zurks are important on Zurker. It is similar to the Facebook like button in the sense that it can be used to commend a particular comment, picture or post etc. Rather than meaning to like something, a zurk is more of an acknowledgement of something, or a way of showing appreciation to what has been zurked. In a way it’s more appropriate to the occasion or subject matter.


Tags are a way for Zurker owners to sort their contacts into different categories and control their visibility. When you post an update, you can specify who sees the update by checking the appropriate tags. These can be edited at any time and allow for personalised names such as “close friends”, “new contacts” or “one of THOSE people”. Contacts can also be usefully sorted into multiple categories.

Bug Reports

This section appears to be reasonably active at the moment as Zurker goes through its testing period. Any improvements that can currently be made to the website are now in full swing as the users of Zurker UK are actively helping to better the service. The sense of community is overwhelming and I can easily see bug reports diminishing as the site progresses as people will move towards the more creative and pro-active ideas section.

To give some insight into how each user’s report is moderated and fixed, a report can be updated with any of the following status: unresolved, acknowledged, scheduled, pending or closed (resolved). This fully allows members to actively participate with the inner workings of Zurker, strengthening its recognition as being a highly interactive website.


As the Zurker UK service will benefit from the ingenuity of many thousands of minds, there is a designated ideas section within the website for all those thousands of brain box thoughts. The sites continual improvement strategy will likely surround this area and contribute greatly towards a steady improvement in the workings of the website as a whole. After all, being a democracy based website, Zurker UK has its user’s key interests in mind.

Open Book Accounting

There is a page dedicated to a well designed open book accounting system. It is designed to be unambiguous, accurate and easily read by the entire Zurker community. You can not only see Zurker UK’s accounting but that of Zurker US, Zurker AU and others. Entries are shown in the categories of “cash in”, “cash out”, “payables” and “receivables”. In other words, the accounting of Zurker is entirely transparent and open to any potential critics.

Zurker Is Owned By You

In conclusion, Zurker is driven by democracy. Instead of an unfriendly array of distorted priorities being implemented on networks owned by billionaire capitalists, Zurker takes a unique approach and stands firm on the grounds of giving its users the best possible product. Instead of a websites users being pushed into adapting to the sites own cash flow agenda, Zurker believes that users should and will have the right and power to greatly influence the decisions of the Zurker development team. This will allow for the expansion and improvement that people truly want from a social networking application.

At Zurker you are a co-owner and an investor. Your equity will rise with the number of friends you invite and as Zurker keeps on improving, so does the value of your stake in the company.

Right now Zurker is in beta testing and is not yet available to the general public without an invitation. You can join Zurker here and start counting your vShares.